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    Eli Shimony, an Israeli Law Firm, practices Inheritance laws, Will & testament law, Commercial–civil law, Real estate law, Corporate law, Intellectual property, Class actions, Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration, Financial claims, Cryptocurrency, Banking, Compliance, and Investments. We provide our clients with clear, accessible consultation, along with close legal guidance and litigation in Israel. Our work is focused on achieving results and on creating long-term relationships with our clients and with the community factors we work for.

    In our complex and diverse reality, you need one law firm to answer all your legal needs. Eli Shimony, Lawyer in Israel.

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    The effectiveness of a law firm is not measured only on the basis of service provided to you in the past,

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      Inheritance lawyer in Israel

      Most people believe that a will is something you should prepare only when you are old. This common misconception is widespread throughout the world and in most cultures. The unexpected reality of our lives teaches us otherwise. Every person with property or assets, at any age and in any stage in life, should have a valid will. The will is the best protection a person can leave behind for the people he loves. Immediately following his death, his last will should be brought to their knowledge clearly and explicitly.

      Business Law Firm

      Hiring a Business Law Firm in Israel is the best way to get comprehensive professional legal advice on a wide variety of legal issues. The legal market in Israel changes rapidly, and businesses that fail to adapt to changes in the market find themselves out of it. If in the past, the ‘classic’ lawyer had to be proficient in one field of law, for example, corporate law, now the trend in the legal market is to expand the lawyer’s areas of knowledge to as many fields as possible – interdisciplinary law, if you will.

      Real Estate in Israel

      People invest in real estate for different reasons, not only for its economic profitability. However, it is highly recommended that you expand your horizons and see what else you can get out of your investment. Are you looking for real estate in Israel? Let’s see where you should look to maximize your investment, and consider a few criteria.

      Financial Claims & Legal Services

      The authority of legal representation in Israel is granted only to lawyers who hold a legally valid license to practice law in Israel. • Representation before various public authorities such as courts, tribunals, bodies with judicial or quasi-judicial powers, and various state agencies such as the tax authorities and the registrars of companies and partnerships; • Preparing documents of a legal character, including representation in negotiations toward the preparation of such documents; • Advice and providing legal opinions.

      Debt collection and litigation in Israel

      Debt collection and legal proceedings when the other party / debtor is in Israel is a complex procedure. Sometimes debtors tend to waive the debt, in order to avoid many expenses and lengthy proceedings in order to exercise their rights. The reasons for this, mainly, are the distance, cultural differences, a complex and different set of laws, a different legal system in Israel, and unfamiliar procedures.

      Lawyer in Israel

      Usually, even when moving to another country, different assets remain in Israel, from an apartment to bank and pension accounts and active businesses. From time to time it is necessary to manage what we have left behind when moving abroad. Doing this yourself, from such a long distance, is hard to impossible. We recommend that you hire for the management of all assets in Israel with a lawyer in Israel, who can regularly manage your assets for you and ensure that your interests in them are protected in the best possible way.

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