The effectiveness of a law firm is not measured only on the basis of service provided to you in the past, but mainly by the results and solutions to today's and tomorrow's challenges.

Expertise and Services in Israel

Intellectual Property

Patents, copyright, trademarks, commercial designs, passing off, trade secrets, commercial wrongs.

Computers and The Internet

Copyrights, freedom of expression, protection of privacy, defamation.

Class Actions

Negligence of a business / service provider, consumerism, banking and insurance, overcharging by authorities, antitrust and securities.

Civil & Commercial

Demand letters, contracts and agreements, representation in court, wills and inheritance, defamation and privacy, real estate / land.

Consultation for entrepreneurs

Consultation and legal services for local and global technological corporations, emphasizing registration and protection of intellectual property.

Registration and licensing

Managing patent files and providing legal assistance to small and large companies throughout the world, in the fields of patent registration and licensing, as well as full legal representative in infringement claims.

Transaction advice

Advice and representation in real estate transaction of any scale, from the stage of development and through to the purchase, sale and management of the property.

Legal representation

Legal representation for private individuals and corporations in the fields of civil and commercial law.

and more...

Our clients enjoy the close guidance of our experienced attorneys in securing and protecting copyrights for technological and online content. The internet brought with it changes that require us to change our approach to copyright protection, as nowadays, any person anywhere in the world can, with a click of the mouse, infringe valuable copyrights.
With a cumulated experience of dozens of years in negotiating contracts and reaching agreements, our firm's attorneys advise our clients on a day-to-day basis, providing legal consultation and representation in negotiations and in drafting and wording contracts.
We handle all manner of antitrust class actions in a number of industries around the globe. Our team consists of attorneys who specialize in filing such claims against small companies and giant corporations around the world, and those who specialize in representing such corporations in and out of court.
We accompany our clients throughout the entire process, ensuring any liabilities and obligations are fully resolved in a timely manner by law and that all payments due under contractual obligations or rulings of the court are paid in full.
Our professional team of attorneys have extensive experience in managing patent portfolios and assist both large and small companies around the globe with patent licensing and registration as well as full legal representation in infringement claims.

In our complex and diverse reality, you need one firm to answer all your legal needs.

Eli Shimony Israeli Attorneys-at-Law specializes in internet and computer law, class actions, commercial – civil law and intellectual property. We provide our clients with clear, accessible consultation, along with close legal guidance and litigation in Israel. Our work is focused on achieving results and on creating long-term relationships with our clients and with community factors we work for.