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Adv. Eli Shimony holds a bachelor’s degree in law LL.B as well as a master’s degree in business administration MBA. During and after Mr. Shimony finished his studies, Adv. Shimony acquired professional training abroad, including seminars on legislations changes in the US on companies and organic liability, intellectual property and privacy in the new era seminars (Fordham University, 2011-2013), intellectual property by Comparative research seminar (WIPO of the United Nations, Geneva 2013), privacy and intellectual property seminar (Yale University, Connecticut 2014), international conference on employment, equality and discrimination (NYU, New York, 2014).

Attorney Shimony is a member of the Technology and Law Committee, the Internet Committee, and the Intellectual Property Committee at the Israel Bar Association. As of February 2023, Attorney Shimony serves as a judge at the Disciplinary Court in the Tel Aviv District of the Bar Association.

Mr. Shimony is qualified as a mediator and as an arbitrator, including practicum certification, certified by the Israeli Compliance Association, to serve as a compliance officer including international certification by the international compliance organization ICA.


Attorney Eli Shimony’s areas of expertise include, among others: civil and commercial litigation, class actions, mediation and arbitration, intellectual property, companies, class actions, real estate, wills and inheritances, monetary claims, crypto-graphic currencies, banking, compliance, and investments. Mr. Shimony sometimes lectures in the field of intellectual property and the new era according to comparative research. 

Adv. Shimony brings rich legal knowledge in his areas of expertise. In recent years, he has participated in unique seminars and courses abroad in various fields of law, including litigation, intellectual property, companies and corporations, financial claims, class actions, real estate and real estate, freedom of information, privacy, copyright, compliance, cryptocurrency, mediation and arbitration, and more. .. Attorney Shimony assists clients in establishing start-up companies and corporations, trademark registration processes, representing clients in commercial negotiations, litigation, mediation and arbitration, and representation before statutory authorities.

Clients Remarks

We contacted lawyer Eli Shimony after much debate and confusion on our part as to what is the right thing to do. We came to Eli by chance and had the feeling that we had arrived at a safe beach. Eli reached out to us - with a lot of warmth, listening, professionalism, and quick, efficient, and fair treatment. He put all the information and options on the table, pros, and cons, and we felt we were in good hands. Thank you to Eli for the dedicated care, the availability on the phone, and the personal attitude.

We received homely and dedicated service. The feeling was that accuracy down to the last detail was important to Eli, and this instilled in us confidence that we have a strong back in the form of a professional lawyer!

As a successful business, from time to time we need Eli's services. Eli accompanies us in a way far beyond what was expected, it is characterized by total availability for all our needs and finding solutions for every legal matter that arises. His legal representation in court is extremely impressive and he is endowed with vast legal knowledge so far we have not been disappointed with him. In short, highly recommended.

The day I met Eli my life changed for the better, just that! Eli is one of the most honest and sincere people I have ever met. Professional at the highest level. Fortunately, I got to know Eli after the military service when I was exposed to the hoarding life. Since then, 10 years of challenges, deeds, stories, and especially successes have passed :)

I recently hired the services of Adv. Eli Shimony, while getting to know him and his work, I saw his many advantages, while he manages the case in a professionally intelligent and non-aggressive manner. I personally will of course continue to hire his quality services.

Very professional, courteous, honest and provides a service far beyond what was agreed upon in the price quote. Highly recommended!!

I came to him for an estate matter because I had lawyers that did little placing me in a compromising position. He is attentive to details. He is proactive and answers the opposition papers, unlike my previous lawyers that did not. He is the only lawyer that I know that is passionate about his work; and wants to do the right thing for his clients. He works smart and remembers every detail of the case. He is truly amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in a bad situation.

An amazing attorney, definitely recommend, does a great job, you will be happy!!

Expertise and Services

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