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Many Israelis reside outside Israel. Some have left for a limited period of time, to study or due to relocation, while others have moved out of Israel for a longer period. Regardless of their reasons and the duration of their stay abroad, their connection to Israel is not so quickly cut off. Usually, even when moving to another country, different asset remain in Israel, from an apartment to bank and pension accounts and active businesses. From time to time it is necessary to manage what we have left behind when moving abroad. Doing this yourself, from such a long distance, is hard to impossible. We recommend that you hire for the management of all assets in Israel a lawyer in Israel, who can regularly manage your assets for you and ensure that your interests in them are protected in the best possible way. The importance of a local Israeli lawyer, who speaks Hebrew/Engliah and is skilled in Israeli law, is crucial, and you should not use the services of a lawyer in your country of residence who is unfamiliar with the local language and legislation to manage your interests in Israel. Another recommendation is to concentrate all of your businesses with one lawyer specializing in civil law, so that you have a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Leasing an apartment in Israel
Many Israelis who reside abroad continue to hold a residential apartment in Israel, which they plan to live in once they return to Israel. Of course the apartment does not stay empty, and it is usually leased to tenants. Leasing the apartment requires regular management, from finding tenants to drafting a contract to repairing different malfunctions in the apartment and paying for repairs in the building etc. Hiring a lawyer in Israel to deal with all matters of the apartment's lease will guarantee you peace of mind. The apartment will be leased and maintained, without you having to manage all the details, and with your interests as the apartment's owner fully protected.

Selling and buying a property in Israel
In case you decide that you want to sell your apartment or any other asset while residing abroad, it is recommended that you do not do this by phone or online, and also that you do not rely on your friends or relatives in Israel. The best way to sell an apartment when residing abroad is to approach a lawyer who will take care of the entire process for you. The lawyer will manage for you all the of the sale's details, from finding the right buyer, to negotiating and drafting the agreement, until the registration in the Land Registration Bureau is settled. Also, when you want to buy an apartment or another asset in Israel from abroad, it is recommended to have a lawyer, who resides and operates in Israel, represent you and manage the purchase for you. Hiring a lawyer in Israel to either buy or sell an apartment will allow you to conduct the transaction in the best possible manner, from abroad.

Managing estates in Israel
The vast majority of Israelis who no longer reside in Israel still have relatives in the country. Often these are aging parents. After a person passes away, there are many legal and bureaucratic proceedings related to his or her estate. A succession order or order of probate, as relevant, must be issued, and afterwards the estate must be managed and divided among the different heirs. These are complex, time-consuming proceedings that cannot be completed within the Shiva. In case that, while residing abroad, a relative passes away, it is highly recommended to grant your lawyer in Israel power-of-attorney on all matters related to the inheritance and the distribution of the estate. This way, you will not have to deal with these proceedings in your hour of difficulty, and you will be able to ensure that notwithstanding the geographical distance, your rights in the estate are protected.

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The above article is a general information only and it is not intended to replace a legal advice. 

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