Freedom of Expression

In democratic countries in general, and in Israel in particular, freedom of expression is a constitutional right anchored in the Israeli Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty. Over the years, media channels and journalism developed, expending the boundaries of freedom of expression. Digital culture allows almost any person in Israel to communicate his or her messages through an astounding array of platforms, such as social networks, blogs, forums, news sites and more. Manners of expression have also diversified: photos, videos, text, emoticons, likes, collections, favorites, etc. In some channels, freedom of expression also entails the right to remain anonymous or under a pseudonym.

The ES Internet Department will assist you in assessing highly complex and sensitive issues in the context of freedom of expression. For example: exposing the identity of an offensive publisher, copying a work protected by copyright, violation of the right of privacy, or the court's intervention and the issue of warrants (such as exposing IP addresses by the internet service provider). Whether you are the plaintiffs or the defendants, we shall assist you in assessing the claim material, the estimated scope of damages, the ability to enforce rights and, as necessary, claim damages from site operators which serve as hosts for offensive content.


How can we assist you?

  • Filing applications for exposure of IP addresses or additional information with regard to anonymous posters.
  • Representing wronged parties in locating anonymous posters and proceedings against sites hosting offensive content.
  • Protection of freedom of expression on behalf of content developers and internet companies, against demands for information on users.
  • Filing and representation in defamation, copyright and other claims.
  • Protection of posters while protecting their anonymity and their freedom of expression.
  • Consultation to media organizations and site and cellular media administrators with regard to collecting and keeping data and digital evidence.


Why do our clients choose us?

  • ES is stands out thanks to its excellence, results and professionalism in the internet and new media worlds.
  • Acquaintance with the prevalent policies in internet and cellular arenas, to allow enforcing claimants' rights there.
  • Commitment: protection of the freedom of expression is a foremost value, including pro bono legal work.
  • Reducing costs: through mediation and negotiation mechanisms, before  embarking on prolonged and expensive legal proceedings.

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Eli Shimony Attorneys-at-Law specializes in the fields of Israeli civil – commercial and intellectual property law. Our firm deals with consultation and legal representations for transactions and contracts. In addition, our firm deals with providing consultation and managing intellectual property cases such as: registration of trademarks, registration of patents in Israel, protection of copyright and commercial design, consulting businesses with intellectual property and representing them in court.