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The State of Israel is an advanced country with an established system of laws that is unique to it, and to find your way through this complex and branched system, it is often necessary to seek legal advice. This is especially true in case that you are not "friends" with the Israeli legal system and its laws and regulations for various reasons, and you require professional advice and guidance. An Israeli lawyer is a lawyer who is familiar with the details of Israeli justice, familiar with all laws, rulings, amendments and regulations and who can therefore assist you in finding your way through the various fields of law, including an area of law that requires profound knowledge and acquaintance with the local bureaucracy such as civil-commercial law.

Interested in starting a business in Israel? It is best for you to hire an Israeli lawyer for this purpose.
Establishing new businesses in Israel is a great initiative, however to start business activity on all its aspects, it is recommended for the entrepreneur to hire the services of an Israeli lawyer. The reason for this is simple – the registration processes must be performed as required by the Business Licensing Law, 5728-1968, in order for work with the tax authorities, municipalities, various supervisory agencies and the National Insurance Institute to be standard and to allow your planned business activities to be carried out in a proper and orderly manner. With an Israeli lawyer familiar with the law and its various sections as well as all related regulations and rulings, you will be able to expedite complex bureaucratic processes and save valuable time.

Now you can protect your business's trademarks, intellectual property or brand through a professional lawyer, both in Israel and abroad!
Behind every successful business is a marketing strategy designed to take the business's intellectual property, which is its "heart" or, in other words, its base, and translate it into a brand or trademarks to create identification among the consumer public. Since trademarks are a sort of identity card for the business, it is important to protect them in any possible way, especially in the online world which every day gets more and more competitive. Make no mistake, protection of trademarks requires complex enforcement, and it is not managed only in conference rooms but also at courts and at various customs stations throughout the world, and for this reason, it is necessary to have an Israeli lawyer familiar with the regulations of the Trademark Department at the Patent Office, as well as the circumstances under which the application will not be approved, and who therefore can guide you throughout the process.

Are you considering buying an apartment or any other property in the Holy Land? An Israeli lawyer specializing in real estate and contract law will guide you through the process.
One of the basic fields in legal practice is contract law, since in general it deals with everyday issues such as buying an apartment, acquiring different services, work contracts, business agreements etc. Although many people believe contracts to be routine and therefore to require no legal intervention, usually this is not the case, since contracts are a binding documents and it is important to understand them thoroughly before signing them. Therefore, in case you are considering signing a contract, it is best for you to seek legal advice, especially if dealing with a contract that is complex or that has significant economic implications, for example a real estate contract.

The State of Israel is no doubt an attractive gem, and real estate developers throughout the world consider it an investment channel expected to yield high returns. However, signing a real estate contract when you do not speak the local language, not to mention the regulations and laws, can be disastrous if you are not aware of the present risks. Therefore, prior to signing a contract, it is recommended that you hire an Israeli lawyer specializing in civil – commercial law in Israel, in order to ensure that your rights are fully protected, even when you are not residents of Israel.

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The above article is a general information only and it is not intended to replace a legal advice. 

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