Are you in trouble? Do you need a lawyer in Tel Aviv?

Movies and TV shows teach us that most people in need of a lawyer are people who have committed clear, well-defined crimes that even those of us lacking legal education understand only lawyers can deal with. This refers to clear-cut criminal offenses. Criminal offenses which are less photogenic or obvious, but are still just as severe, are referred to as white-collar crime – for example various types of money laundering and tax evasion.

Lawyer in Israel

Many Israelis reside outside Israel. Some have left for a limited period of time, to study or due to relocation, while others have moved out of Israel for a longer period. Regardless of their reasons and the duration of their stay abroad, their connection to Israel is not so quickly cut off. Usually, even when moving to another country, different asset remain in Israel, from an apartment to bank and pension accounts and active businesses. From time to time it is necessary to manage what we have left behind when moving abroad.

Law firm based in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv's law firms are the backbone of legal advice in Israel, without downplaying the importance of firms in other areas. Business owners and clients pay attention to the location of the law firm and its accessibility, in addition to the need for reliable and professional service. Despite the internet revolution, which also made its marks in the legal field and allows filing legal papers from your home, there is still great importance to the physical location of the law firm in Israel. The physical location of a law firm can significantly benefit business owners who require the services of a nearby professional lawyer, as well as proximity to courts and many other governmental bodies. This consideration is even more important when dealing with clients who require representation and legal advice in Israel and who do not reside in the country.

Legal representation in Israel

The authority to legally represent in Israel is granted only to lawyers who hold a legally valid license to practice law in Israel. Section 20 of the Bar Association Law, 5721-1961, determines a list of unique actions which only lawyers are allowed to take:

• Representation before various public authorities such as courts, tribunals, bodies with judicial or quasi-judicial powers and various state agencies such as the tax authorities and the registrars of companies and partnerships;
• Preparing documents of a legal character, including representation in negotiations toward the preparation of such documents;
• Advice and providing legal opinions.

Property Management in Tel Aviv

Buying a luxury property in Tel Aviv, despite all of its advantages, also entails many costs. Apartments for investment in Tel Aviv can offer a wonderful investment channel, which may produce very handsome profits in the future, but one cannot ignore the many costs entailed in such a property, especially as recently the purchase tax on apartments for investment has been increased. Many people spend the best of their money on an apartment for investment, but at the end of the day try to save on the apartment's management, of all things. Unprofessional management of a property for investment may reduce the property's value drastically, and at the bottom line might even cause the owner significant financial losses. This holds even truer for a property located in Tel Aviv, where managing the property continuously and professionally is even more important in order to protect its value. Before buying an apartment for investment in Tel Aviv, you need to know a few things about the property's management following its purchase.

Israeli Lawyer

The State of Israel is an advanced country with an established system of laws that is unique to it, and to find your way through this complex and branched system, it is often necessary to seek legal advice. This is especially true in case that you are not "friends" with the Israeli legal system and its laws and regulations for various reasons, and you require professional advice and guidance. An Israeli lawyer is a lawyer who is familiar with the details of Israeli justice, familiar with all laws, rulings, amendments and regulations and who can therefore assist you in finding your way through the various fields of law, including an area of law that requires profound knowledge and acquaintance with the local bureaucracy such as civil-commercial law.

Buying property in Israel

Buying any real estate property by nature requires comprehensive preliminary preparation, as the order of magnitude of buying property is completely different from any other purchase, requiring a thorough legal examination to ensure that the purchase process is normal and that the transfer of ownership is smooth.

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