Commercial lawyer in Israel

Commercial law is a branch of civil law that deals with all of the diverse legal needs of commercial/business/economic entities.
Civil law deals with the relationships between individuals, people and societies, unlike criminal law, which deals with defining behavioral norms as either legal or illegal by the state for its residents, and administrative-public law that deals with the relationship between an individual and public authorities.
Commercial law, which as foregoing is a part of civil law, deals with the system of those areas related to the ongoing management of companies and businesses, including all fields of economy, commerce and industry, and therefore it deals in reality with a variety of diverse legal issues.

Business lawyer in Israel

Economic and legal reality in Israel requires business owners to practice extra care in all matters related to law and the justice system. Many business owners, especially when just starting out, try to minimize the business's costs as much as possible. Many business owners try to save costs by, of all things, foregoing a private lawyer for the business. A business owner who is just starting out can overlook the advantages of having a regular lawyer; however, as the business grows, so does the disorder, and then the business owner finds himself working into the night, losing precious work hours while trying to decipher supplier contracts or reviewing labor laws in order to understand whether he should hire new employees. A regular business lawyer in Israel can assist you in a variety of fields. 

Company & Corporate

Legal services in the field of company and corporate law offer an opportunity for change and growth together with continuity and improvement. At their best, such services are adapted to the character, structure and the DNA of the organization. For example, legal solutions that fit a family-owned energy and gas corporation may not necessarily be right for international technology companies or public corporations. Eli Shimony Attorneys-at-Law offers value and context based consultation and legal advice in the filed of Israeli companies and corporate law.

Demand Letter

Your business is your top priority. You are focused on its management and the strategy to ensure its growth and prosperity. In today's complex legal reality in general, and in Israel in particular, this is not enough. The world of law and the world of commerce have always been intertwined. In recent years, legal information is available to everyone on the internet, and the number of number of practitioners of law has doubled and tripled.

Will & Testament

Most people believe that a will is something you should prepare only when you are old. This common misconception is widespread throughout the world and in most cultures. The unexpected reality of our lives teaches us otherwise. Every person with property or assets, at any age and in any stage in life, should have a valid will. The will is the best protection a person can leave behind for the people he loves. Immediately following his death, his last will should be brought to their knowledge clearly and explicitly.

Real Estate

Almost every real estate transaction involves agents and brokerage firms. However, selling and buying property is usually a complex and unique transaction that requires an attorney's expertise. ES, Eli Shimony Attorneys-at-Law, represents both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions in Israel, both private and commercial. We are involved in all stages of the transaction, from submitting the proposal through to the property's sale. No two real estate transactions are alike.

Defamation & Privacy

Your reputation – whether you are a private individual, an administrative agency, or a public or a private company – is an inseparable part of your property as a whole. No other person can be allowed to expropriate or harm your reputation. Your right to your privacy is also protected by law. However, many of us sometimes find ourselves in situations where our goodwill, or our privacy, is under threat.


Not all disputes can be solved by way of discussion and compromise. Sometimes the two parties are unable to reach a solution, and turn to the court to determine the arrangement between them. Any person and any business entity might find themselves, one day, standing as plaintiffs or defendants. Court litigation has its own rules, dynamics and language. Even if the interested party itself (plaintiff / defendant) has difficulties in understanding the course of the discussion, the judges' decision could be crucial for him.

Agreements & Contracts

Agreements and contracts form the cornerstones of the world of commerce. Nowadays it is almost impossible to establish commercial relations between parties, including private individuals, without a document which can be considered the binding agreement between them. When such agreements are worded vaguely or are coded in legal language they become inaccessible, pointless, or at worse – harmful. You business needs agreements that people can read and understand.

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