Are you in trouble? Do you need a lawyer in Tel Aviv?

Today's reality keeps proving that lawyers specializing in noncriminal areas are always in demand, apparently even more than in criminal fields. Such lawyers specialize in different fields of expertise, that pertain to all aspects of life which require regulation and protection, from property and finance to rights and duties relating to the state and to others, as well as business and commerce. In fact, without the assistance of lawyers, you may find yourself in even worse trouble, and this may lead to serious personal or business implications.

Patent lawyer in Israel

A patent is defined in Israel as an "invention, whether a product or a process, in any technological field, which is new, beneficial, can be used in industry and presents progress in terms of invention" (Section 3 of the Patent Law, 5727-1967). This means in essence that a patent is a legal right to protect useful inventions in the technological – industrial field, such as: machines, devices, algorithms, material compositions, improvements of all of the foregoing, etc.

Corporate and company law in Israel

Corporate and company law in Israel regulates the system of relations between a company and its various components and between the company or corporation and the state. This relationship, especially that been the company and the various components comprising it, can be very complex, and therefore the law attempts to define the duties, rights and definitions of various officeholders. Naturally, this is a complicated job. The law regulating companies and corporate laws in the State of Israel is the Companies Law, 5759-1999, which went into effect in 2000 and is therefore relatively new. Although the new law tries to cover as much of the corporate field as possible, there are several points which should be noted when dealing with the law, which make an Israeli lawyer specializing in this field even more crucial.

Law Firm in Israel

A law firm in Israel provides all legal services a person might need, and does so, of course, according to Israeli law. An Israeli law firm usually deals with all fields of civil-commercial law: contracts, tort, property, corporate and of course representation in court. It is recommended for an Israeli citizen who does not reside in Israel, but who has business and personal connections to Israel, to be assisted in managing all of his relations and interests in the country by an Israeli law firm.

Investing in israel

The State of Israel is a rapidly developing country, and as it requires investors and investment, it is also, on the other hand, highly attractive for investors looking for high potential investments, whether such investors are Israeli or not. However, it is important to understand that not every investment in Israel, whatever the potential for its success, yields a positive return and realizes its potential. Investment in Israel, like any field, requires proper preparation as well as receiving correct and professional advice, including that of a lawyer familiar with the relevant Israeli laws.

Commercial lawyer in Israel

Commercial law is a branch of civil law that deals with all of the diverse legal needs of commercial/business/economic entities.
Civil law deals with the relationships between individuals, people and societies, unlike criminal law, which deals with defining behavioral norms as either legal or illegal by the state for its residents, and administrative-public law that deals with the relationship between an individual and public authorities.
Commercial law, which as foregoing is a part of civil law, deals with the system of those areas related to the ongoing management of companies and businesses, including all fields of economy, commerce and industry, and therefore it deals in reality with a variety of diverse legal issues.

Business lawyer in Israel

Economic and legal reality in Israel requires business owners to practice extra care in all matters related to law and the justice system. Many business owners, especially when just starting out, try to minimize the business's costs as much as possible. Many business owners try to save costs by, of all things, foregoing a private lawyer for the business. A business owner who is just starting out can overlook the advantages of having a regular lawyer; however, as the business grows, so does the disorder, and then the business owner finds himself working into the night, losing precious work hours while trying to decipher supplier contracts or reviewing labor laws in order to understand whether he should hire new employees. A regular business lawyer in Israel can assist you in a variety of fields. 

Business Law Firm in Israel

Hiring an Israeli law firm is the best way to get comprehensive professional legal advice in a wide variety of legal issues. The legal market in Israel changes rapidly, and businesses that fail to adapt to changes in the market find themselves out of it. If in the past, the 'classic' lawyer had to be proficient in one field of law, for example corporate law, now the trend in the legal market is to expand the lawyer's areas of knowledge to as many fields as possible – interdisciplinary law, if you will. Modern-day legal trends tend to be more interdisciplinary, mixing several different fields, rather than focusing on one main field as was customary in the past. The central characteristic of this interdisciplinary trend is a blurring of different fields of law, for example: tort and contract law or criminal and corporate law. Therefore, an Israeli law firm offers many advantages over the 'classical lawyer.' Such law firms are also known as "one stop shops," since a client who enters the firm does not need to look for anything anywhere else. All the legal advice he requires is right there.

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