Interested in Investing in an Israeli Startup Company?

For over a decade, the 'Startup Nation' has been waking up every so often to hear of another successful exit by an Israeli startup, thereby further heightening investors' expectations and dreams. The stock exchange is no longer the only place where you can invest in startups. Investors interested in specializing in this field and increasing their chances of making big profits are turning to investment houses and various venture capital funds to hear about different investment opportunities.

Patent lawyer in Israel

A patent is defined in Israel as an "invention, whether a product or a process, in any technological field, which is new, beneficial, can be used in industry and presents progress in terms of invention" (Section 3 of the Patent Law, 5727-1967). This means in essence that a patent is a legal right to protect useful inventions in the technological – industrial field, such as: machines, devices, algorithms, material compositions, improvements of all of the foregoing, etc.


A patent is one of the most valued and critical assets for market leaders. The patent gives you a competitive advantage, a distinguishing feature and a temporary monopoly over implementation or technology. The common opinion in the pharmaceutical industry is that Teva owes its commercial success to just one patent (for Copaxone, a medicine for treating multiple sclerosis). In the field of technology and software, too, many Israeli companies succeeded in leveraging their patents and to be bought by international corporation.

Trademark & Trade dress

Your words, your expressions, your designs, your logo – these are all parts of the system of trademarks allowing your customers to identify your unique fingerprint on the products, services and messages distributed under your name. Protecting trademarks in the commercial world is the equivalent of protection against identity theft in the private – consumer world.

Trade Secret

It is customary to think of patents as the perfect embodiment of intellectual property, providing its owners with business profit. Reality actually teaches us that only a small percentage of registered patents are turned into valuable commercial applications. However, the most common intellectual property – trade secrets – is the primary factor behind most success stories in the business world. Trade secrets cost less than patents. Unlike patents, they do not expire after 20 years, and they can remain secret without any limit in time (like the Coca-Cola secret formula).

Commercial Designs

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is a saying that almost everybody agrees on. Every good salesman knows that "seeing is believing." A picture, 3D simulation, video – all these have become the most efficient sales accessories for the products that we consume in our digital, connected and information-saturated world. However, exposure of this visual information entails considerable business risk. It is actually unique and innovative industrial design that draws attentions and gets shared on social networks.


Commercialization of copyrights in an original creation is an important source of income for many businesses. Brands such as Disney, television formats such as Big Brother, 'sticker' brands that lend their names and symbols to desirable electronic products, comics characters that were turned into popular computer games – these are all examples of businesses based on paying royalties to the rights holders. If you too have an original creation, we at ES, Eli Shimony Attorneys-at-Law, will assist you in the preliminary process of registering the work in Israel and abroad.

Passing Off

Some companies grow through their innovation and marketing assets. In competitive markets, such companies are competing over the consumer's attention through constant improvement of the product, technology, service experience or system of messages around the brand. On the other hand, some companies (or businesses, or individuals) will try to "get something for free" and also make a profit out of the exact same marketing assets. Such factors identify the consumer's weaknesses: search for certainty and security in making transaction.

Commercial Wrongs

Google, the Company that has at its goal the organization of information worldwide, also selected as its official motto the slogan "don't be evil." In this way, the internet giant declares that the foremost principle guiding its policies and conduct is avoiding commercial wrongs. For example, Google is committed to objectivity in the search engine, to the benefit of users. The company's management declares that it avoids manipulation in search results for inappropriate reasons.

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