How Can You Guarantee Your Inheritance Rights in Israel?

Different inheritance laws in different countries can lead to serious loss of money and property, when wills are not correctly prepared or when people are ignorant of their relevant legal rights. The ideal solution is to consult a local lawyer on any issue related to property and inheritance laws, and particularly those laws pertaining to wills; however, people often neglect to do so, erroneously thinking that a will is a will, so what's the difference? This grave mistake could cost you and your family property as well as a lot of money.


10 Tips from a Lawyer for Anyone Interested in Buying Property in Israel

Israel has become the center of attention for international real estate investors, since it offers such a great variety of real estate investment opportunities, to suit any style or preference. This small country offers a myriad options for investing in real estate of all types, just as you would find anywhere in the world, but in Israel these are affordable and concentrated over a small area. Prices in Israel – excluding particularly outstanding luxury properties – present a great range of prices all over the country, and plenty of potential for improvement and good returns. Below are 10 tips from a lawyer, for people interested in buying property in Israel.


Law firm based in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv's law firms are the backbone of legal advice in Israel, without downplaying the importance of firms in other areas. Business owners and clients pay attention to the location of the law firm and its accessibility, in addition to the need for reliable and professional service. Despite the internet revolution, which also made its marks in the legal field and allows filing legal papers from your home, there is still great importance to the physical location of the law firm in Israel. The physical location of a law firm can significantly benefit business owners who require the services of a nearby professional lawyer, as well as proximity to courts and many other governmental bodies. This consideration is even more important when dealing with clients who require representation and legal advice in Israel and who do not reside in the country.

Legal representation in Israel

The authority to legally represent in Israel is granted only to lawyers who hold a legally valid license to practice law in Israel. Section 20 of the Bar Association Law, 5721-1961, determines a list of unique actions which only lawyers are allowed to take:

• Representation before various public authorities such as courts, tribunals, bodies with judicial or quasi-judicial powers and various state agencies such as the tax authorities and the registrars of companies and partnerships;
• Preparing documents of a legal character, including representation in negotiations toward the preparation of such documents;
• Advice and providing legal opinions.

Law Firm in Israel

A law firm in Israel provides all legal services a person might need, and does so, of course, according to Israeli law. An Israeli law firm usually deals with all fields of civil-commercial law: contracts, tort, property, corporate and of course representation in court. It is recommended for an Israeli citizen who does not reside in Israel, but who has business and personal connections to Israel, to be assisted in managing all of his relations and interests in the country by an Israeli law firm.

Israeli Lawyer

The State of Israel is an advanced country with an established system of laws that is unique to it, and to find your way through this complex and branched system, it is often necessary to seek legal advice. This is especially true in case that you are not "friends" with the Israeli legal system and its laws and regulations for various reasons, and you require professional advice and guidance. An Israeli lawyer is a lawyer who is familiar with the details of Israeli justice, familiar with all laws, rulings, amendments and regulations and who can therefore assist you in finding your way through the various fields of law, including an area of law that requires profound knowledge and acquaintance with the local bureaucracy such as civil-commercial law.

Family Law in Israel

The area of family law deals with all issues related to family life and personal status, such as marriage and divorce, parenthood, alimony, adoption, etc. Often, life's circumstances create a need for legal representation in Israel for people who do not reside in the country, whether due to matrimony laws, inheritance or other issues.

Commercial lawyer in Israel

Commercial law is a branch of civil law that deals with all of the diverse legal needs of commercial/business/economic entities.
Civil law deals with the relationships between individuals, people and societies, unlike criminal law, which deals with defining behavioral norms as either legal or illegal by the state for its residents, and administrative-public law that deals with the relationship between an individual and public authorities.
Commercial law, which as foregoing is a part of civil law, deals with the system of those areas related to the ongoing management of companies and businesses, including all fields of economy, commerce and industry, and therefore it deals in reality with a variety of diverse legal issues.

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