Are you in trouble? Do you need a lawyer in Tel Aviv?

Movies and TV shows teach us that most people in need of a lawyer are people who have committed clear, well-defined crimes that even those of us lacking legal education understand only lawyers can deal with. This refers to clear-cut criminal offenses. Criminal offenses which are less photogenic or obvious, but are still just as severe, are referred to as white-collar crime – for example various types of money laundering and tax evasion.

Real Estate in Israel and Where You Should Look

People invest in real estate for different reasons, not only for its economic profitability. However, it is highly recommended that you expand your horizons and see what else you can get out of your investment. Are you looking for real estate in Israel? Let's see where you should look to maximize your investment, and consider a few criteria.

How Can You Guarantee Your Inheritance Rights in Israel?

Different inheritance laws in different countries can lead to serious loss of money and property, when wills are not correctly prepared or when people are ignorant of their relevant legal rights. The ideal solution is to consult a local lawyer on any issue related to property and inheritance laws, and particularly those laws pertaining to wills; however, people often neglect to do so, erroneously thinking that a will is a will, so what's the difference? This grave mistake could cost you and your family property as well as a lot of money.


Buying and Managing A Property in Israel

Real estate is one of the safest, most profitable investments you could make - especially in Israel. Development is in full steam everywhere in the country – the railway reaches Beer Sheva in the south, and will one day reach Kiryat Shmona in the north, while Highway 6 is rapidly being built, with new interchanges opened all the time – so that real estate which is currently priced below its real value is still an attractive opportunity, as it is sold at an excellent price, guaranteeing that you will enjoy a good return.


10 Tips from a Lawyer for Anyone Interested in Buying Property in Israel

Israel has become the center of attention for international real estate investors, since it offers such a great variety of real estate investment opportunities, to suit any style or preference. This small country offers a myriad options for investing in real estate of all types, just as you would find anywhere in the world, but in Israel these are affordable and concentrated over a small area. Prices in Israel – excluding particularly outstanding luxury properties – present a great range of prices all over the country, and plenty of potential for improvement and good returns. Below are 10 tips from a lawyer, for people interested in buying property in Israel.


Luxury properties in Israel

Luxury properties in Israel are very different from the ordinary or average real estate market in the country. As in any significant purchase in life, it is also necessary to study the field of luxury properties. Buying luxury properties in Israel, like buying any property in Israel, entails a wide variety of issues which must be taken into consideration prior to purchase, and despite the common belief, there is a large variety of luxury properties and luxury apartments in the Israeli market. Therefore, when deciding to buy a luxury property in Israel or anywhere in the world, it is best to come prepared and in this way to reduce the amounts of information that clever sales agents unload on their potential clients. In addition, when you are target-oriented, it is easier to find a preferable property and to avoid unnecessary additional expenses, since in the course of purchasing luxury property, it is easy to find yourself burdened with heavy and significant expenses.

Lawyer in Israel

Many Israelis reside outside Israel. Some have left for a limited period of time, to study or due to relocation, while others have moved out of Israel for a longer period. Regardless of their reasons and the duration of their stay abroad, their connection to Israel is not so quickly cut off. Usually, even when moving to another country, different asset remain in Israel, from an apartment to bank and pension accounts and active businesses. From time to time it is necessary to manage what we have left behind when moving abroad.

Inheritance lawyer in Israel

Many Israeli citizens reside outside of Israel, whether temporarily or permanently. However, most Israelis residing abroad have first-degree relatives in Israel, and some of them even hold various assets in Israel. Naturally, in the ordinary course of life, we all need from time to time to deal with inheritances and estates, whether these are assets we inherited or assets we intend to bequeath in the future. When an Israeli citizen who does not reside in the country desires to put in order his future estate, or alternatively is entitled to an inheritance from a deceased relative who resided in Israel, it is recommended for him to approach an inheritance lawyer in Israel. Laws dealing with inheritances and estates change from country to country, and it is recommended to hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the inheritance laws applicable in Israel, to guarantee the best possible protection of your rights and interests. A foreign lawyer, who is not familiar with all details of Israeli law and is not acquainted with the Israeli legal system, will just not do.


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