Are you in trouble? Do you need a lawyer in Tel Aviv?

Movies and TV shows teach us that most people in need of a lawyer are people who have committed clear, well-defined crimes that even those of us lacking legal education understand only lawyers can deal with. This refers to clear-cut criminal offenses. Criminal offenses which are less photogenic or obvious, but are still just as severe, are referred to as white-collar crime – for example various types of money laundering and tax evasion.

Patent lawyer in Israel

A patent is defined in Israel as an "invention, whether a product or a process, in any technological field, which is new, beneficial, can be used in industry and presents progress in terms of invention" (Section 3 of the Patent Law, 5727-1967). This means in essence that a patent is a legal right to protect useful inventions in the technological – industrial field, such as: machines, devices, algorithms, material compositions, improvements of all of the foregoing, etc.

Inheritance law in Israel

Inheritance law in Israel is governed in principle by the Inheritance Law, 5728–1965. This law determines that in Israel there are only two ways to bequeath an inheritance: by a last will and testament or by the law, and in the wording of Section 2 of the law: "the inheritors are inheritors by law or those entitled by a last will; the inheritance is by law, unless it is by last will."

Family Law in Israel

The area of family law deals with all issues related to family life and personal status, such as marriage and divorce, parenthood, alimony, adoption, etc. Often, life's circumstances create a need for legal representation in Israel for people who do not reside in the country, whether due to matrimony laws, inheritance or other issues.

Buying property in Israel

Buying any real estate property by nature requires comprehensive preliminary preparation, as the order of magnitude of buying property is completely different from any other purchase, requiring a thorough legal examination to ensure that the purchase process is normal and that the transfer of ownership is smooth.

Legal Services

Consultation for entrepreneurs, Licensing and registration, Transaction advice, Legal consultation.

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