Protecting your rights.

Advocate Eli Shimony's fields of expertise include, among other fields: Israeli civil – commercial law, intellectual property, aspects of computer and internet law and representation in court (litigation). Mr. Shimony also often lectures on intellectual property by comparative study.

Background and Experience

Mr. Eli Shimony offers rich legal knowledge in his fields of expertise. In recent years, Mr. Shimony has participated in unique seminars and courses in Israel and abroad in various fields of law, including: litigation, intellectual property, corporate law, class actions, land, freedom of information, copyrights and defamation. Adv. Shimony assists his clients in processes of registration and reinforcement of trademarks and patents in the fields of physics, energy, biochemistry, food, electronics and more. In addition, Adv. Shimony represents clients in commercial negotiations, in court, in mediation and arbitration discussions and with statutory authorities.

Adv. Shimony holds a LL.B in law and a MBA in business administration. During and following his studies, Adv. Shimony went on professional education programs abroad, including seminars on changes in legislation in the US, in matters of corporations and organ liability, seminars in the field of intellectual property and privacy in the modern age (Fordham University, 2011 – 2013), a seminar in the field of intellectual property by comparative study (the UN's WIPO organization, Geneva 2013), a seminar on privacy and intellectual property (Yale University, Connecticut 2014) and an international attorneys' convention on occupation, equality and discrimination (NYU, New York, 2014).

End-to-End Legal Service

We at ES, Eli Shimony Attorneys-at-Law, concentrate for you all implications of law and justice on your business (or transaction). We take complex and unclear issues and make them accessible and direct for you. We are responsible for the wide range of legal work which must be performed in the background, so that you can continue creating, progressing, working and succeeding.

Our guiding principles are: professionalism, dignity, commitment. We believe that our role, first and foremost, is to provide you with legal tools to assist you in achieving results. We do not see ourselves as only consultants or attorneys. We see our function to be that of a business guide, who can provide the client with legal tools and assist him or her in discovering both opportunities and threats. The same level of involvement, partnership and creativity we also put into community and environmental pro bono projects that we see right to promote as part of our firm's not-for-profit activities.

Additional Services