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By: Adv. Eli Shimony

Israel 2014, the ‘Startup Nation.’ A group of friends meets for a discussion. Thoughts are rolling. A new idea is born. In the next stage, you are already thinking of the operative aspects of your startup: who the partners will be, what their shares will be, what would be the nature of their engagement, who will assume the risks, who will provide the initial capital, how to calculate the return of each partner and employee in future distributions of profits, what the framework of the operation will be and where will it be based. In this transition from vision to realization, we at Eli Shimony Israeli Law Office will assist you with custom-made legal services in Israel, adjusted to the phase of development of your enterprise:

Legal aspects of the enterprise concept: the concept’s legality, its compliance with legal norms or legal precedents in Israel.
Legal aspects of the business environment: every industry has a different risk level, for example, online dating services.
Legal aspects of regulations and legal restrictions: how can you minimize competition to your business, within legal restrictions?
Legal risks the business is exposed to, such as class actions: creating uniform contracts and planned course of activity.
Legal risks related to IP or unlicensed use of patents, trade names, or rights: ensuring protective registration.
Consultation in selecting the type of incorporation to allow flexibility and convenient future distribution of profits (partnership/company).
Equal partnerships are not for everyone: planning asymmetrical partnerships and mergers into existing operations.

Licensing and registration.

The last thing that should stand between an entrepreneur and his or her business activities is bureaucracy. However, registration and licensing processes must be performed legally, in order to allow the business’s normal day-to-day work with the Israeli tax authorities, national insurance, municipalities, and various supervisory agencies.  Our firm executes and expedites these processes, saving our clients hours of tiresome form filling and weeks and months of unnecessarily waiting for authorities’ approvals. The services we provide in this field include:

Registration in official registers, allows the business to operate: the company registrar, the tax authorities, and producing a business license.
Minimizing potential passing off damages, by registering trademarks and names, after checking their validity.
Database registration with the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority of the Ministry of Justice, to allow legal mailing and marketing.
Registration with local institutions, such as municipalities: advertisement placement and taxation, operation of the business in accordance with the property’s zoning.
Registration with the competent authorities in Israel: occupancy forms, compliance with occupational hygiene regulations, and the Home Front Command.

Transaction advise.

Due to movies and financial media reports, we are accustomed to the image of the perfect deal: businessmen in tailored suits smiling, shaking hands, having their photos taken, and raising wine glasses. In reality, the closing of the deal is the result of preliminary negotiations and the entailed preparatory legal processes. Eli Shimony Israeli Law Office will conduct due diligence of the company whose shares you wish to buy, strategic cooperation, exit transactions for the purchase of your shares in the company, and a variety of other services:

Ensuring compliance with undertakings through the due diligence of the parties to the transaction.
How well do you know your partners? Financial due diligence: credit rating and tax liability.
Professional involvement from the negotiations stage allows for taking into account legal issues such as liability and intellectual property.
Is a large corporation proposed as an investor or as a strategic partner? We will assist you in examining antitrust aspects.
Active participation in the negotiations, for the purpose of inspecting and improving the commercial consideration mechanisms in the transaction.
Management and reduction of business risks in the system of legal aspects in Israel: IP, tax, employment, criminal law, etc.
Advance agreement on the manner of distributing the products and outcomes of the partnership, including IP, even after the partnership is liquidated.
Preparing drafts of the required agreements and their appendices, as well as company decisions related to reporting requests and registration of the transaction.

Legal Services in Israel – consultation.

As an innovative, leading law firm, we can provide you with the most fitting legal consultation and solutions to various situations and problems. Eli Shimony Israeli Law Office is unique in our understanding that even if we have many cases on our desk, from your point of view there is only one case, which is crucial and of utmost importance– your case. Each case and each situation is different, and each client has a different appropriate solution. Some prefer prolonged, decisive discussions in court instances, while others are looking for fast settlements. We adjust the solutions that are best for you in a variety of fields:

In intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, samples, passing off, trade secrets.
In the field of IT and the internet: freedom of expression, protection of privacy, defamation, gag orders.
Class actions in Israel (for plaintiffs and defendants): consumer affairs, banking, insurance, overcharging, antitrust, and negligence.
Civil commercial law: litigation, contracts, financial claims, commercial and private tort, Israeli inheritance law and last wills, real estate.
Pro bono: representation and consultation for private individuals according to the bar association’s criteria.
Training: updating our clients on changes in law pertinent to their regular work.
Representation in disputes with partners, both in and out of court, and in alternative arbitration frameworks.
Debt collection in Israel: collecting commercial and individual debts.

Eli Shimony – Israeli law firm represents clients on all legal matters in Israel. For any questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist.
By email: [email protected], By phone: +972-52-2769773, +972-3-5507155.
The above is only general information and does not replace legal advice which is usually necessary before taking legal proceedings.


Adv. Eli Shimony

Attorney Eli Shimony holds a bachelor's degree in law (LL.B) and a master's degree in business administration (MBA), brings a broad legal knowledge in his areas of expertise. In addition, attorney Shimony holds a wide range of professional certifications in the fields of civil law, banking, compliance, intellectual property, corporate law and more... Attorney Shimony's main areas of practice: Civil and Commercial Litigation, Class actions, Mediation and Arbitration, Intellectual Property, Companies, Real estate, Wills and Inheritances, Monetary claims, Crypto Currencies, Banking, Compliance and Investments.

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