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By: Adv. Eli Shimony

The economic and legal reality in Israel requires business owners to practice extra care in all matters related to law and the justice system. Many business owners, especially when just starting out, try to minimize the business’s costs as much as possible. Many business owners try to save costs by, of all things, foregoing a private lawyer for the business. A business owner who is just starting out can overlook the advantages of having a regular lawyer; however, as the business grows, so does the disorder, and then the business owner finds himself working into the night, losing precious work hours while trying to decipher supplier contracts or reviewing labor laws in order to understand whether he should hire new employees. A regular business lawyer in Israel can assist you in a variety of fields. Below are some issues where you can benefit from a lawyer’s assistance:

Reading commercial contracts.

Commercial contracts accompany any business activity and an Israeli lawyer knowledgeable in contract law can assist and even generate significant savings for the business owner or the person interested in doing business in Israel. A business owner may find himself or herself signing dozens of contracts a day, with various types of entities and other business owners when in most cases the contracts submitted to the business owner were drafted by a skilled business lawyer in Israel.

A business owner who is not himself a lawyer may find himself helpless against such suppliers, especially when the contract includes many sections and subsections that the business owner never learned to read, not to mention the time that the business owner has to put into reading these contracts, time which at the end of the day is worth a lot of money. Professional advice from a business lawyer in Israel can significantly assist the business owner, providing a legal perspective on any commercial contract, and translating the business owner’s rights and obligations into easy-to-understand language.

The matter gets even more complicated when dealing with international contracts. International contracts can serve as an excellent opportunity for the business owner, but at the same time, they can cause many problems. Beyond the basic need for translating the contract from English to Hebrew, it is important to remember that usually the contract is not worded in ‘normal’ English, but rather in ‘legalese’. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the lawyer hired for the business is also experienced in this field of law.

A business lawyer in Israel – Protecting intellectual property.

Intellectual property is a legal area that developed from various rulings into what it is at present. Appropriately for a field developed from past rulings, the field is characterized by many “holes” that leave much space for the court’s discretion. In many businesses, most of the business plan is based on intellectual property such as start-up companies and restaurants, and indeed almost any business has a certain element of intellectual property, which makes it more important to have a regular lawyer who can protect the business’s intellectual property.

Supervising worker conditions.

Labor laws in the State of Israel regulate the system of relationships between an employer and an employee. This system of relations is much more complex than you would think. The State of Israel gives the employee many rights that a business owner, who is not knowledgeable about labor law, will not know of. When an employee arrives at the labor court, in most cases the burden of proof is on the business owner, and therefore, the business owner can find himself in violation of all sorts of legal clauses. In the better-case scenario, such claims end with economic compensation (which can reach quite significant amounts); while in the worst case, they can even end in criminal sanctions! A regular lawyer can draft in advance the employment agreements of employees to ensure that the business owner gives them the full rights they are entitled to by law, and in this way save a lot of headaches for the employee and the business owner alike.

At the end of the day, despite the present costs, a regular lawyer for the business, in the long run, can save considerable expenses for the business, and even promote it. It is recommended when choosing a business lawyer in Israel to ensure that he is proficient in commercial fields and can protect the business in today’s competitive market.

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Adv. Eli Shimony

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