Not all disputes can be solved by way of discussion and compromise. Sometimes the two parties are unable to reach a solution, and turn to the court to determine the arrangement between them. Any person and any business entity might find themselves, one day, standing as plaintiffs or defendants. Court litigation has its own rules, dynamics and language. Even if the interested party itself (plaintiff / defendant) has difficulties in understanding the course of the discussion, the judges' decision could be crucial for him. If your personal or professional future is on the balance, or your business is facing important court litigation – the ES Litigation* Department will get you the best possible result. Our firm works in the boutique firm model, but has the logistics support and professional assistance characteristic of the leading law firms in Israel.

Litigation, perhaps more than any other field of law, is characterized by the crucial importance of professionalism and reputation. The party making its arguments against you is also represented by an advocate (ordinarily). Usually, the other side's tendency to prolong and make the legal process more difficult depends on its evaluation of the reputation and ability of the litigator arguing against it. If it estimates that the "forces are balanced," the litigation will be turned into a tiresome, prolonged clash in the court. This process could be very expensive, and might harm your ability to focus on your work or business. On the other hand, if the other party recognizes from the onset the superior litigation abilities of your representative, it will hasten to conclude the proceeding, reach a compromise, or allow you to have your desire.

Israeli Law Firm - Why do I need it?


How can we assist you?

  • Representation in any judicial instance in Israel, in civil law: magistrate's court, district court and the Supreme Court.
  • Representation in arbitration and mediation discussions.
  • Representation in any Israeli tribunal, including local and statutory** authorities, disciplinary tribunals etc.
  • Investigation and preparation of testimonies, including expert testimonies.


Why do our clients choose us?

  • Our cumulated hours of litigation provide you with familiarity and proven ability in judicial processes, dynamics and styles.
  • Legal creativity: a court ruling is not always the desirable solution. We will get the best solution for you.
  • Our approach: to know better (than the other side's representatives) the contractual infrastructure, the system of evidence, laws and loopholes.

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About us

Eli Shimony Attorneys-at-Law specializes in the fields of Israeli civil – commercial and intellectual property law. Our firm deals with consultation and legal representations for transactions and contracts. In addition, our firm deals with providing consultation and managing intellectual property cases such as: registration of trademarks, registration of patents in Israel, protection of copyright and commercial design, consulting businesses with intellectual property and representing them in court.