Real Estate

Almost every real estate transaction involves agents and brokerage firms. However, selling and buying property is usually a complex and unique transaction that requires an attorney's expertise. ES, Eli Shimony Attorneys-at-Law, represents both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions in Israel, both private and commercial. We are involved in all stages of the transaction, from submitting the proposal through to the property's sale. No two real estate transactions are alike. Even when working with the other party seems simple, it is important to remember that built space in Israel is controlled and supervised by a complex system of planning laws and regulations enacted by local and national authorities. Even leasing or renting rights in property, whether private or commercial, requires an appropriate legal infrastructure. ES will act to ensure that you will enjoy the consideration for use of the property, while retaining your full property rights in it.


How can we assist you?

  • Consultation in real estate and land deals, even in complex construction projects.
  • Examining rights in property, registering a warning note, drafting agreements and negotiations for the transfer of ownership rights.
  • Combined transactions with contractors, development and institutional financing (banks) for construction projects (including commercial projects).
  • Management and consultation for acquisition groups and National Outline Plan 38 and 38/2 (including evacuation and construction) with condominium councils.
  • Assistance to public entities and entrepreneurs in changing land zoning (from agricultural land) and city building plans.
  • Filing compensation claims for expropriation of land or compensation for depreciation pursuant to Section 197 of the Planning Law.
  • Reaching land swap arrangements where appropriate.
  • Filing objections on behalf of 'green' entities and private individuals in approval proceedings of city building plans.
  • Representation before planning and building committees, appeal committees and as necessary in the competent (administrative) courts.
  • Consultation and representation before tax authorities and courts, including purchase tax, municipal fees or betterment fees.
  • Demand letters, for clearing assets and real estate, liquidation of partnerships or declaration of ownership in real estate and land.


Why do our clients choose us?

  • We work with experts to assist in establishing your claims, including: appraisers, surveyors, architects and economic consultants.
  • Return on investment: your ROI guides us in each step of the real estate or land transaction.

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About us

Eli Shimony Attorneys-at-Law specializes in the fields of Israeli civil – commercial and intellectual property law. Our firm deals with consultation and legal representations for transactions and contracts. In addition, our firm deals with providing consultation and managing intellectual property cases such as: registration of trademarks, registration of patents in Israel, protection of copyright and commercial design, consulting businesses with intellectual property and representing them in court.