Israeli Company Register

By: Adv. Eli Shimony

Registration of a company in Israel by a foreign resident or a foreign company through the Israeli Company Register. This article is addressed to business people living outside of Israel, who wish to establish a company in Israel, companies based outside of Israel who wish to establish a subsidiary in Israel, or lawyers who represent the above.

Company registration in Israel.

A person or company who wishes to establish a company in Israel while living outside of Israel may encounter several issues:

Only original documents signed with the original signature can be submitted to the Registrar of Companies in Israel. The documents must be in Hebrew. Those who wish to establish the company, the company’s first shareholders and directors, must sign an official to confirm the signatures. Such an official is the Israeli consul abroad (in the country of residency of the shareholders and/or the directors) or an Israeli lawyer (Inside Israel only). Sometimes the consul is located away from the shareholders and/or directors and has no easy access to him. Signing documents in Hebrew for a person who does not speak and understand Hebrew needs to be translated into the local language by a Notary.

Israeli companies must have a physical address in Israel in order to receive official documents. The address must be a physical address and not a mailbox only. A Lawyer’s office, as a representative, can provide his address.

The procedure with the Registrar of Companies takes several weeks, after receiving all documents needed. In order to register a company with directors or shareholders who are foreign residents, a copy of their passports must be attached to the registration documents.

Company Terms & Conditions document.

One of the documents required to establish a company in Israel is the Company terms and conditions.

The Company’s terms and conditions determine the rules for the conduct of the company, such as the appointment or dismissal of directors, the convening of a general assembly of shareholders, or the board of directors. These terms and conditions also have a meaning to the internal relationship in the company (the relationship between the shareholders, between shareholders and the board of directors, etc…) and also externally – in the relations between the company and third parties. It is very important that this document be drafted by an Israeli lawyer.

Israeli Company registration solutions.

We have several solutions to bypass the difficulties of registration of an Israeli company for a foreign entity. For example:  Register the company under the name of the lawyer in a temporary and short-term trust for the client and immediately after the registration of the company, transfer the shares to the client.

Israeli Company Register – Summary.

Registration of a company in Israel owned by a foreign resident or a foreign company is certainly possible, but this should be done with attention to the aforementioned aspects.

Our Law Office has extensive and significant experience in assisting in the registration of companies by residents or companies that are located outside of Israel and with the ongoing accompaniment of these companies in their activities in Israel. We will be happy to provide professional legal services to you or your company.

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