A patent is one of the most valued and critical assets for market leaders. The patent gives you a competitive advantage, a distinguishing feature and a temporary monopoly over implementation or technology. The common opinion in the pharmaceutical industry is that Teva owes its commercial success to just one patent (for Copaxone, a medicine for treating multiple sclerosis). In the field of technology and software, too, many Israeli companies succeeded in leveraging their patents and to be bought by international corporation. Anyone can hold a patent, but every step in the patent field entails a different type of challenge. ES, Eli Shimony Attorneys-at-Law, provides a solution to all these challenges. We shall guide you on the shortest, most profitable course possible, on your way to convert original thought into a real, valuable economic asset. We bring together legal abilities with a high level of technical and technological expertise, to protect intellectual property products in an open and competitive market. We are also experienced in commercializing intellectual property in agreements. If necessary, we will know how to protect your invention against copying or unauthorized use, and to get you the adequate financial compensation in such a case.


How can we assist you?

  • Preliminary inspection and evaluation of the invention, its commercial applications and its 'patentability.'
  • Prior art inspection to reduce the likelihood of an identical patent and save application filing costs.
  • Selecting the type of application (provisional / non-provisional patent), the territory and the examining institution: Israel, USA, international (PCT).
  • Drafting the patent application, including claims and sketches.
  • Filing and registration of a provisional or non-provisional patent in Israel or abroad.
  • Dealing with the objections of the application examiner in the patent bureau.
  • Litigation and representation in protecting intellectual property rights or commercialization processes.


Why do our clients choose us?

  • Innovation is a part of the ES DNA. We speak your language and think outside the box.
  • We offer full service for the entire process: from evaluation and registration through to representation, dealing with infringements and litigation.
  • Pricing plans adjusted to the rate of progress.
  • Global and inter-ministerial partnership allowing us to search, register and enforce in 88 countries.
  • Unique IP solutions for software and application developers.
  • Service by legal professionals who know how to think business.

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About us

Eli Shimony Attorneys-at-Law specializes in the fields of Israeli civil – commercial and intellectual property law. Our firm deals with consultation and legal representations for transactions and contracts. In addition, our firm deals with providing consultation and managing intellectual property cases such as: registration of trademarks, registration of patents in Israel, protection of copyright and commercial design, consulting businesses with intellectual property and representing them in court.