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By: Adv. Eli Shimony

Law firm in Tel Aviv is the backbone of legal advice in Israel, without downplaying the importance of firms in other areas. Business owners and clients pay attention to the location of the law firm and its accessibility, in addition to the need for reliable and professional service. Despite the internet revolution, which also made its mark in the legal field and allows filing legal papers from your home, there is still great importance to the physical location of the law firm in Israel. The physical location of a law firm can significantly benefit business owners who require the services of a nearby professional lawyer, as well as proximity to courts and many other governmental bodies. This consideration is even more important when dealing with clients who require representation and legal advice in Israel and who do not reside in the country.

A law firm in Tel Aviv offers many advantages, including:

Proximity to courts.
The city of Tel Aviv has a large number of courts: the District Court, the Magistrates’ Court, the Labor Law Court, and even the Economic Court, a special-purpose court for settling economic disputes. In addition, various hearings and discussions are held mostly in Israel’s center, for example at the Israel Bar Association or the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, and elsewhere. Often, when a law firm assumes a new case, it takes into account, when calculating the firm’s expenses, transportation costs (mostly taxis). When the firm is in Tel Aviv, such transportation expenses are significantly reduced. In addition to transportation expenses, travel time is reduced, which lowers charges, in case the fee is determined by the hour.

Cheaper cost.
The fact that rent prices are higher in Israel than in the rest of Israel reflects not only centrality but also demand. Greater demand also means a larger number of competitors, and a larger number of competitors is usually expressed in competitive prices. This means you should not reject the idea of hiring a Tel Aviv Law Firm, but in fact that it could even be economically profitable. Tel Aviv is one of Israel’s cities with a larger number of lawyers, and therefore the competition over each client is fierce, which works in the client’s interest. This constitutes a significant advantage when you want to hire a reliable and professional law firm at a reasonable price.

Convenient access for defendants and clients.
Almost every large commercial company in Israel has a branch in Tel Aviv. Often, law firms have to execute the filing of a claim by sending a courier to the company’s branch. The fact that the firm is based in Tel Aviv gives the attorneys quick access to defendants as well (or any other entity with whom the client has a legal dispute), and thereby allows the Tel Aviv firm to offer a better price over its competitors located elsewhere. In addition, in the case of a commercial entity that itself has customers, a significant part of the lawyer’s work is to collect money from the business’s customers. The very collection might become, rather than a simple easy-to-execute operation, a complex and expensive procedure in some cases. Here, again, being located in Tel Aviv has its benefits. The convenient location for clients is also important, as Tel Aviv is highly accessible and you can reach any place in it by public or private transportation.

Relations with international entities.
Today’s global world allows business owners to make contact with various international commercial bodies and entities. At present, Tel Aviv is considered Israel’s center of economic power, and therefore it is easier for international companies to contact a law firm located in the city. Moreover, many international companies do not even know of any other cities in Israel except for Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa.

A local law firm is essential for any legal needs.

In conclusion, business owners and private clients who desire to save costs while receiving reliable and professional services should hire a law firm based in Tel Aviv. The city of Tel Aviv is a center of attraction for many economic entities, both Israeli and international. Do not forget, of course, that the law firm, in addition to its location, is skilled in Israeli law and in a large number of areas of law and business. A professional Israeli lawyer is a critical starting point for business activities in Israel and in general for optimal representation and management of various processes in Israel, and his or her advice can help in saving many resources such as time and money, and of course, avoid unnecessary mistakes – even more so when the firm is based in Tel Aviv.

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The above is only general information and does not replace legal advice which is usually necessary before taking legal proceedings.


Adv. Eli Shimony

Attorney Eli Shimony holds a bachelor's degree in law (LL.B) and a master's degree in business administration (MBA), brings a broad legal knowledge in his areas of expertise. In addition, attorney Shimony holds a wide range of professional certifications in the fields of civil law, banking, compliance, intellectual property, corporate law and more... Attorney Shimony's main areas of practice: Civil and Commercial Litigation, Class actions, Mediation and Arbitration, Intellectual Property, Companies, Real estate, Wills and Inheritances, Monetary claims, Crypto Currencies, Banking, Compliance and Investments.

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