Do you need a Tel Aviv Lawyer?

By: Adv. Eli Shimony

Today’s reality keeps proving that lawyers specializing in noncriminal areas are always in demand, apparently even more than in criminal fields. Such lawyers specialize in different fields of expertise, that pertain to all aspects of life which require regulation and protection, from property and finance to rights and duties relating to the state and to others, as well as business and commerce. In fact, without the assistance of lawyers, you may find yourself in even worse trouble, and this may lead to serious personal or business implications. Are you in trouble? Do you need a Tel Aviv Lawyer? This could be a sign that the expectable results of acting independently, without legal advice, are usually financial loss or damage to reputation. Getting out of such trouble, if possible, can only be done with the assistance of lawyers, even though it is far from certain that you will have the same successful result you could have expected had you hired lawyers in advance. To prevent this situation, in some cases it is recommended that you act to seek legal advice, to begin with.

The ‘Startup Nation’ has gone global, which means legal representation is often necessary.

Israel is no longer the only ‘Startup Nation’ around. Nowadays, it is clear that Israelis compete equally with different entrepreneurs from across the world, and that the same technology we benefit from is available to them as well. Professional conventions and international networking bring together such people and ideas all the time. It also brings together different entrepreneurs who deal with similar ideas and therefore wish to collaborate. Once contact is created, the project’s planning starts, and business and contractual issues arise for the entrepreneur who desires to make a profit while protecting his or her property rights. Now is the time to ask – are you in trouble? Do you need a Tel Aviv Lawyer? You must know, settle, and document – who was the first one to bring up the idea? What are the applicable laws in different countries, and in what country will you register your enterprise? What is the best place in terms of taxation and benefits? Who thought of the solution to the problem? Who holds the patent? Who brings in the money? What is the business model and what is the profit distribution model? Who are the officeholders and what are their powers?

Registering enterprises and legal advice from a Tel Aviv Lawyer.

If you believe these questions are unimportant, think for a minute of the ‘fifth Beatle’ who left the band a moment before it made it, or Mark Zuckerberg’s friend who still claims he had the idea for Facebook and was deprived of the website’s success. It might feel unpleasant to introduce lawyers into the creative process, but if you are realistic, and believe in your idea, regulating your partnership and anchoring it in a contract will actually assist you in focusing on brainstorming and inventing, without worrying about violation of your intellectual property rights, passing off or loss of your future profits and royalties. Such legal service is not limited to the preliminary phase, either, but should rather guide you on your way until your successful exit or any goal you define for yourself. Such service would be optimally provided by Eli Shimony, Tel Aviv Law Firm. Our firm can guide you on each and every step of your enterprise, providing you with the legal necessary framework, establishing it legally, and expanding your knowledge on your field of business, with respect to what you can and cannot legally do.

When partners establish a company, how do you make it legal?

Two professional partners decide to start a new company. It is not only the contracts between them that require correct and effective legal preparation, but also the business registration of such a company with the tax authority and securing all required licenses. This is especially true in the case of any profession requiring legal permits, such as a safety consultancy firm, for example. Registration processes must be conducted correctly so that the partners and their customers are not exposed to unnecessary risks or damages, which no insurance company will be willing to cover without adequate registration and competency. Moreover, failure to properly register the company can lead to criminal charges. Are you in trouble? Do you need a Tel Aviv Lawyer to get you out of these problems that you did not know about, and now surprise you? It would have been better had you approached one, to begin with, rather than just shake hands on it and not worry about the necessary paperwork. But you are in luck – you can still fix your mistake and do the right thing. In addition, if you had a great idea that you based your company on, you need a lawyer to legally register it in the Patents Registry to protect your intellectual property rights, or the individual rights of each partner, in case you ever decide to go your separate ways.

You were wronged. You are not the only one. A Tel Aviv Lawyer can help.

In today’s business and commercial world, quite a few corporations and companies act in bad faith toward their customers and clients, to earn a few more bucks at the public’s expense, or to clear themselves of liability for the damages or losses they cause to their customers. This is exactly why you need a lawyer to put such business owners in place and take care of the interest of wronged customers through class actions, which may also set a precedent and benefit future customers. This may happen when a bank overcharges, insurance companies ignore their duties under the policies they issue or when cellular communication companies or even retail chains charge excessive amounts for different items. Do you believe you were wronged? Did you try to correct such wrong yourself, but found it too complicated? Do you need a Tel Aviv Lawyer? The Eli Shimony Law Firm has extensive experience and knowledge in various class actions for the public good and can assist you in claiming your damages for any wrong.

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Adv. Eli Shimony

Attorney Eli Shimony holds a bachelor's degree in law (LL.B) and a master's degree in business administration (MBA), brings a broad legal knowledge in his areas of expertise. In addition, attorney Shimony holds a wide range of professional certifications in the fields of civil law, banking, compliance, intellectual property, corporate law and more... Attorney Shimony's main areas of practice: Civil and Commercial Litigation, Class actions, Mediation and Arbitration, Intellectual Property, Companies, Real estate, Wills and Inheritances, Monetary claims, Crypto Currencies, Banking, Compliance and Investments.

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