Digital Copyrights

By: Adv. Eli Shimony

The digital age allows us all to copy, use and distribute various creations: songs, clips, videos, graphics, images, text, and computer software. It is not always clear whether this creation is protected by copyright, or whether and how we should request the permission of its original creator. A simple action made in good faith could infringe on the works’ creator’s right to deal with his work, or his right to receive credit for his work. Due to the end users’ ease of creating, preparing, and distributing works in our digital age, new approaches have been developed in Israel in recent years with regard to creators’ legitimacy to claim infringement of their digital copyrights.

Eli Shimony Law Office in Israel assists creators in protecting their digital creations. Our firm will consult you on precautions to make it more difficult to infringe your rights, to begin with, for example: marking creations in various ways (such as ©), on how to dissuade users intending to copy the work, or alternatively on the assimilation of digital copyrights management (DRM) IT systems. We will minimize your damages through applications for removal of unauthorized publication of contents in “host sites” and will assess for you the level of liability of, and the practical ability to impose it on, internet service providers (ISPs), website administrators, and IT developers such as search engines and social networks.

How can we assist you?

Applications for permanent and temporary injunctions to cease infringement and compensation claims for damages (even without establishing damage).
Exercising the full rigor of the law with Israeli infringers both in Israel and abroad, by working pursuant to the relevant laws and international conventions.
Identifying private content mediator infringers, including service providers and file-sharing software developers.
Defense against claims of infringing use of creations, on the basis of legal protections and other theoretical approaches.
Regular advice to commercial entities and corporations that desire to use digital copyrights works at lower costs.
Use of digital media to reduce the risk of infringement following unauthorized use of the work.

Why do our clients choose us?

Yesterday’s legal solution will not work in today’s reality. We are constantly following up on the law to exhaust all possibilities.
We strive for quick and efficient settlements, rather than prolonged, expensive legal courses.

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The above is only general information and does not replace legal advice which is usually necessary before taking legal proceedings.


Adv. Eli Shimony

Attorney Eli Shimony holds a bachelor's degree in law (LL.B) and a master's degree in business administration (MBA), brings a broad legal knowledge in his areas of expertise. In addition, attorney Shimony holds a wide range of professional certifications in the fields of civil law, banking, compliance, intellectual property, corporate law and more... Attorney Shimony's main areas of practice: Civil and Commercial Litigation, Class actions, Mediation and Arbitration, Intellectual Property, Companies, Real estate, Wills and Inheritances, Monetary claims, Crypto Currencies, Banking, Compliance and Investments.

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