Breach of Contract in Israel: Legal Remedies and Expert Guidance by Eli Shimony Law Office

By: Adv. Eli Shimony

Breach of contract is a common legal matter in Israel, as in most jurisdictions, that can greatly impact businesses and individuals alike. A comprehensive understanding of the relevant laws, as well as the possible legal remedies, is crucial when dealing with a breach of contract dispute. As an esteemed Israeli law firm, Eli Shimony Law Office has extensive experience handling a wide range of contractual issues, including those arising from commercial-civil law, real estate law, company and corporate law, and financial claims. Our skilled attorneys are well-versed in addressing the complicated legal aspects of breach of contract in Israel, ensuring our clients are effectively guided and represented in such disputes.

In this article, we will explore the fundamental principles that underlie breach of contract cases in Israel, delve into the legal remedies available to aggrieved parties, and provide an overview of how Eli Shimony Law Office’s expertise can assist in achieving optimal outcomes in breach of contract disputes.

Core Principles of Breach of Contract in Israeli Law

Breach of contract occurs when one party fails to fulfill its obligations under the terms of a legally binding agreement, causing harm to the other party. In Israeli law, several principles guide the handling and resolution of breach of contract disputes:

Freedom of Contract: Under Israeli law, parties are generally free to enter into contracts and determine the terms, as long as they do not violate public policy or specific legal provisions.

Good Faith: Israeli contract law mandates that parties act in good faith when executing and performing their contractual obligations, which includes fair dealing, cooperation, and reasonable conduct.

Remedies for Breach: The primary objective of breach of contract claims in Israel is to restore the aggrieved party to the position they would have been in had the breach not occurred. Remedies available include monetary compensation (damages), restitution, rescission, and specific performance.

Types of Breach and Remedies Available

In Israeli breach of contract cases, the courts will assess the extent and nature of the breach to determine the appropriate remedies, which may vary depending on whether the breach is deemed minor, material, or anticipatory.

Minor Breach: When a party fulfills most of its contractual obligations, but only with slight deviations or incomplete performance, it is considered a minor breach. Remedies may include damages to compensate for the lesser value, but the aggrieved party is still obligated to continue with the contract.

Material Breach: If a breach is significant enough to impact the foundational purpose of the contract, it is considered a material breach. In this case, the non-breaching party may be entitled to rescind the contract and claim damages for any loss suffered.

Anticipatory Breach: If a party indicates through words or actions they do not intend to perform their obligations before the due date, it constitutes an anticipatory breach. The other party can either claim damages or seek an order forcing the performance of the contract (specific performance).

The Process for Pursuing Breach of Contract Claims in Israel

Navigating the legal process for breach of contract claims in Israel requires a thorough understanding of the procedural rules and court system, as explained in the following steps:

Pre-litigation Considerations: Prior to initiating litigation, the aggrieved party should evaluate their case merits, potential outcomes, and the potential cost of litigation. Negotiation or alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration, may also be considered before resorting to court action.

Court Proceedings: If a resolution is not reached during pre-litigation efforts, the aggrieved party may commence court proceedings by filing a statement of claim with the appropriate court, depending upon the value of the claim and the complexity of the case.

Evidence and Discovery: During the litigation process, both parties are required to disclose relevant documents and provide evidence supporting their claims and defenses, in line with Israel’s civil procedure rules.

Enforcement of Judgments: If the court rules in favor of the aggrieved party, a judgment may be issued outlining the remedies awarded. If the breaching party fails to comply with the judgment, it may be necessary to pursue enforcement actions, such as garnishment of wages or property seizure.

Expert Legal Representation in Breach of Contract Cases

Eli Shimony Law Office’s experienced legal team has a deep understanding of Israel’s contract law, as well as the complex intricacies of breach of contract disputes. Our attorneys are skilled in various practice areas, including commercial-civil law, real estate law, company and corporate law, and financial claims, where breach of contract cases frequently arise.

Evaluating your case: Our attorneys will meticulously evaluate your breach of contract claim, carefully examining the evidence and determining the appropriate legal and procedural strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Eli Shimony Law Office recognizes the value of alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration, as viable options for resolving breach of contract disputes more efficiently and cost-effectively for our clients.

Litigation: If alternative dispute resolution is unsuccessful or unsuitable, our attorneys are skilled in representing clients in Israeli courts, assiduously guiding them through every step of the litigation process.

Post-Judgment Actions: Our legal team will diligently pursue any necessary enforcement actions to ensure that our clients receive the remedies awarded by the court and that their legal interests are fully protected.

Securing Success in Breach of Contract Cases with Eli Shimony Law Office

Breach of contract cases in Israel require deep familiarity with the country’s unique legal environment and the various remedies under Israeli law. When entrusting your breach of contract dispute to Eli Shimony Law Office, you can be confident that our experienced attorneys will deliver the highest caliber of legal representation tailored to your specific needs. Whether through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, or vigorous courtroom advocacy, we are committed to pursuing the best possible outcome for our clients.

Don’t let a breach of contract disrupt your life or business – contact Eli Shimony Law Office today to discover how our expertise, strategic approach, and dedication to success can help you achieve the desired resolution in your contract dispute.

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