Ashdod – The Perfect Summer Vacation Destination

By: Adv. Eli Shimony

Israel is blessed with a near-perfect Mediterranean shoreline. The only thing left to do is build towns along the beach that make the best use of it rather than turn their backs to the sea. Ashdod is one Mediterranean city that wisely harnessed this resource, designed so that you can enjoy the city while making the most of its wonderful beaches.

You could say that Ashdod is the perfect resort town for your summer vacation, for a wide variety of reasons. As always, if you are interested in investing in the city and finding the best real estate opportunities, you should know that Ashdod is considered a good place for investment, but only a professional law firm can provide you with the information you need when considering and looking into the feasibility of the deal, before signing it.

Attractions in Ashdod.

Ashdod has a major port used mainly for cargo, which is later transported to all of Israel. In addition, like other Israeli coastal cities, it has a beautiful marina which is another attraction for sea and sports enthusiasts. The city is divided into 17 neighborhoods and is in a constant process of development, construction, and renovation. It also boasts a performance arts center and a culture square, and is branded the “City of Sports.” In addition, Ashdod has a music center, arts center, prestigious art museum, and culture complex. Many festivals are held here: a sculpture festival, a film festival, and a world music festival, but above all else – the city’s seven beaches won the Blue Flag for their beauty and quality. It should be noted that these are accessible to the disabled, through special facilities, making them a magnet for domestic tourism.

Coastal City.

Ashdod even offers a beautiful nature reserve along the Lachish River, where you can walk by small springs over a path of a few kilometers. The beautiful Lachish Park is located on one bank of the river, where hotels are gradually being built. This is just a small introduction to the city, with its numerous awards and international projects that draw people from all over the world. The city definitely makes optimal use of its Mediterranean beauty and has plenty more space to develop and achieve its full potential. Ashdod’s twin cities include Bordeaux and Berlin, and there is no doubt that it is in the midst of a huge development boom.

It is the city’s unique population that gives it its flavor and aroma.

The truth is that more than any attraction or building, it is the different immigrants who make Ashdod the perfect summer resort town. The city was built by waves of immigrants from all different corners of the world – the great immigration wave from the Soviet Union in the seventies and the early nineties, immigration from North Africa with its diverse communities, and present significant immigration of French Jews, who have made it their city of choice in the last few years. As such, it is no wonder that the city constantly presents new cultural projects that successfully interweave different cultures and communities. In Ashdod, you will find particularly successful culinary institutions renowned throughout Israel, with many gourmets flocking to its specialty restaurants, particularly seafood restaurants, as one would expect from a model Mediterranean city that makes the most of its natural and human resources.

A resort town is conveniently close to Israel’s center.

The city of Ashdod, with a population of 240,000 thanks to immigration, is a naturally accepting city, where everyone benefits from multiculturalism. But in addition, what also makes it the perfect summer vacation destination is its convenient location. First of all, the pristine beautiful beaches are better preserved than those of most other cities. Secondly, it is conveniently close to Tel Aviv in Jerusalem, and you can go anywhere on the excellent new roads and interchanges built in recent years. In addition, Ashdod is linked by rail to all of Israel, so you can get anywhere quickly while avoiding traffic. You can live in Ashdod or just visit it for the summer, and still be within easy reach of any place in Israel so that you always feel at the center of the action.

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