Buying and Managing A Property in Israel

By: Adv. Eli Shimony

Real estate is one of the safest, most profitable investments you could make – especially in Israel. Development is in full steam everywhere in the country – the railway reaches Beer Sheva in the south, and will one day reach Kiryat Shmona in the north, while Highway 6 is rapidly being built, with new interchanges opened all the time – so that real estate which is currently priced below its real value is still an attractive opportunity, as it is sold at an excellent price, guaranteeing that you will enjoy a good return. Buying and managing a property in Israel protects you against global economic shocks. In addition to the war on terror being waged almost everywhere throughout the world, causing disturbances in different indices and creating uncertainty in business and in entire societies,  different global changes also require that we prepare in advance for increasing changes in popular demand.

Why should I be Buying and Managing A Property in Israel?

The recent ‘Brexit’ is just the latest example of the events in the UK and the potential beginning of the breakup of Europe as we know it. So, if until now we invested in Barcelona, for example, because the Spanish government has started revitalizing the economy, we now cannot tell what the future holds there. This means we should invest in the only place which still maintains positive development indices, while the prices are still low. It is true that no one can predict the future, but we may soon discover that the only stable country is Israel, of all places, despite and notwithstanding all of its security challenges. It is a democracy that protects itself, with a stable economy, thanks to the checks and balances of the government’s economic policy – so Israel’s real estate market is booming for good reason.

Buying and Managing A Property in Israel, for its great potential.

Properties in Israel present, in addition to their present financial value, a huge potential – thanks to their unique locations. Many places are still far from realizing their full potential and are being developed at a stable, safe, and admirable pace. The development of an advanced transportation system, which is fast nearing the standards of the world’s most developed countries, is only one big indicator of the increasing demand for properties throughout Israel. In fact, looking at it from a foreigner’s perspective, distances in Israel are usually no greater than the distances some European citizens commute to their work; however, the transportation system there makes the journey easy.

At present you can travel from Ashkelon to your workplace in Herzliya in an hour and 15 minutes, making Ashkelon a definite real estate gem. Looking at the rising prices of apartments in the city over the last year, for example, we can clearly see the trend of expectation adjusting itself to the understanding that this reality is near. Any place that looks at the moment too far away is getting closer to the coveted center with each passing year.

Israel is a global hub and we must realize this fact.

It is true that London is becoming the new global start-up center, but this field in Israel is actively growing in Israel, too. The Israeli ‘start-up nation’ continues to present new inventions, with the present trend being research and startups in the field of medicine, which again and again surprise the world with new, innovative medications and novel discoveries about hitherto incurable diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This means that wherever you choose to buy property, it is sure to be a success thanks to the endless interest in Israel and the growth of its technological and research capabilities. Further evidence of Israel’s desirability is the many daily flights to and from Israel every day, both regular flights and low-cost flights. This puts Israel at the center of the action, so that whatever property you don’t buy, others will, due to the demand for this safe investment.

Guaranteed return in properties of all types.

Whether the purpose is business, commercial, the hi-tech industry, or tourism – Israel has an enormous demand for all properties, so your return is guaranteed. Even when you rent residential property to Israelis, you can be sure that your return will increase along with the increasing demand. This is happening both because at present there is not enough construction to answer the demand for apartments to buy, and because many Israelis choose to move to the model of renting, rather than buying. So, if you are considering buying and managing a property in Israel, you will find many potential tenants who prefer to pay rent rather than a mortgage.

Leasing tourism and medicinal tourism properties.

One of Israel’s greatest successes is tourism. Tourism in the country is nonstop, and in addition to various vacation homes to rent and Airbnb enterprises, you can also entrust a reliable and responsible Israeli management firm with generating a good profit by leasing a vacation home. In fact, this option is so popular, at the expense of normal hotels, that revenues from leasing a vacation home for even a few days a month can exceed hotels’ profits for the same period of time. This is because more and more people are looking for significantly cheaper options for staying at new places – so that they can ensure continuous income through all summer months.

Add to this the fact that Israeli summer lasts for most of the year, and you get a considerably longer tourist season than anywhere else. One other field you can make a profit from is medicinal tourism to Israel. People flock here from all over the world to be treated at Israel’s medical center, especially from Eastern Europe. In many cities, entire apartments were converted to be leased for families coming here for this purpose. Such visitors rent apartments for considerably higher prices than those of hotels so that the monthly return can easily amount to thousands of shekels. In such a case, buying and managing a property in Israel, near medical centers, is extremely profitable.

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