Debt collection and litigation in Israel

Debt collection and litigation in Israel

Debt collection and legal proceedings when the other party / debtor is in Israel is a complex procedure. Sometimes debtors tend to waive the debt, in order to avoid many expenses and lengthy proceedings in order to exercise their rights.

The reasons for this, mainly, are the distance, cultural differences, a complex and different set of laws, a different legal system in Israel, and unfamiliar procedures.

There are mainly two types of debts, and there is a different approach for each one of them. Commercial debts versus private debts. The legal solutions to both types of debt can be different and varied, along with a different outcome range.

Sometimes ancillary services are also required, such as locating the debtor, financial investigation (private or business debtor) and the ability to collect the debt along with the effort required to do so.

Collecting debt in Israel improves the efficiency of the company / business and increases the cash flow for debts that will sometimes be considered lost.


Advantages of debt collection services in Israel:

The collection services offered, usually, when there is no need to initiate legal proceedings, do not require a special expense. Our Law firm in Israel has high debt collection skills, and we will repay the debt amounts more quickly and efficiently than an internal finance department in a company / business.

The debtor, maintains a reputation and good name when an Israeli law firm operates in his name. Beyond that, the litigation services, through our firm, will usually cost much less, than the debtor will hire legal services by various law firms in Israel.

We are flexible, transparent in front of clients, and have contacts with collection offices and law firms, in almost all countries of the world.  So, the client is offered a complete package of debt collection services abroad.

Our firm has contact with law firms, in almost all countries of the world, that specialize in debt collection under local law, which can locate the debtor and increase the chances of success in debt collection.


Eli Shimony – Law Office, a law firm, specializes in collecting debts in Israel and enforcing foreign judgments/vertices. Contact us with any questions and we will be happy to assist.

Email: [email protected], Phone: 09-8669556, 03-5507155.

The foregoing is for general information only and does not replace legal advice and / or legal opinion, which is usually required before taking legal action.

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